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Meet our Stafford staff!

Any groomer with asterisk (*) by their name is an award winning groomer. 

Deanna Rudnick*

Owner & President

I began my grooming career in 1984. My love for animals has created a passion to develop an environment for grooming that cares for the animal and the groomer.



Groomer In Training

I started grooming in 2021 and my soft spot is for the old ones. My favorite breed to groom are doodles!


Gabriela Rudnick

Director of Operations

Born and raised in the industry, animals are my greatest passion. You can find me in all shops, grooming or up front, I do a little bit of everything!




I have been working in the pet industry for over thirty years, mostly in grooming salons. My favorite dogs to groom are terriers!



Manager & Groomer

I have been with All Fur for 9 years and have done a little bit of everything! As a groomer, my favorite dogs are schnauzers and doodles.

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